January 1st A New Year!

Anyone else excited for the New Year?

I, for one, am very excited for a new year. I am excited for what the new year holds. I am feeling blessed. And positive. And ready to dive right in.

Christmas has passed. It was a good Christmas.

Birthdays have started. Bub’s was December 28.

Happy Birthday!

Happy 13th Birthday!

2013 was a little challenging for him. For all of us. He awoke yesterday with a swollen  knee. Everything checked out fine. His knee looked fine. The fluid was clear. He gets to walk on crutches for the next week or so until the fluid just goes away. The ER doctor says he must have had an injury. An injury that just didn’t happen.

I have to learn to be happy with probablies and maybes. I have to learn to live them. And I will.

Spring. Let’s talk about spring. Only 3 months away. Less than 3 months away really. And who wouldn’t be excited when they got this for Christmas.

My new cultivator

My new cultivator. Never have to use a hoe again. I hope.

And these.

Seeds! Lots and lots of seeds.

Seeds! Lots and lots of seeds.

Each year, I think, I get better at gardening. I want to stay on top of it. On top of all those weeds. And bugs. And actually harvest a great big bunch of veggies. Enough to feed my family throughout the next coming winter. That doesn’t sound too hard does it?

Spring brings projects. Like this.

004A cute, little pond kit. Love, love, love the frog water spitting thing. And it needs goldfish. Lots of bright, little goldfish. And Poky says hello.

Happy New Year, everybody!



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3 Responses to January 1st A New Year!

  1. donna says:

    Thanks for telling me about your new blog. Are you still using the other one? Happy birthday to Bub. We are praying he gets well quickly. I LOVE your cultivated. I am sure it will make weeding so much faster and easier. I love all your seeds you have. I’m sure the pond will be so cute. Where are you planning on putting it? I am so ready for spring!!

  2. jessicacarey says:

    So happy to hear from you. I am glad that everything is going better. I still pray for your little man every night.
    I am loving your new toy, I can see why your excited to get gardening.
    I am super excited for you getting to make a pond. We will be able to share experiences together now.
    Loving the mushroom.
    This is great idea with your new blog.
    Take care

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