January 7

It was -4º here this morning. Quentin fed the critters bright and early. I carried water out through out the day.

Quentin had moved the chicken tractors with the silkies and guineas close to the house yesterday and covered them with more straw bales and added a heat lamp. They seemed to weather the cold just fine.

001I didn’t have to babysit this morning as school was closed, and it was just too cold to be out.

Around noon, we heard from the doctor’s office. Bub’s first Lyme disease test came back positive. The first test tests for antibodies that would be present if he did have Lyme disease. We should have the results to the second test tomorrow. I am glad he has already started the antibiotics.

I got all my laundry caught up this evening and even washed a couple of quilts. I want to be ready next time the temps drop below 0º. Everything is now hanging in the bathroom drying, and we are watching Saved By The Bell.

How I dry my laundry during wintertime.

How I dry my laundry during wintertime.


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One Response to January 7

  1. donna says:

    I am SO glad Bubby has lyme disease. (lol) I am definitely glad it is much warmer today. I am more of a warm weather person than bitter cold. Talk to you soon. God bless.

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