January 8

The temps were much better today. It got up into the 40’s and felt warm compared to yesterday.

I got up at 6:09 this morning after hitting the snooze button once.:) Chloe didn’t get here until 7:30.

In the morning we completed spelling, grammar, and math. I was able to get the floors swept and cleaned and the fish tank cleaned before lunch.

Allie got off the school bus around 4, and the girl’s mom was here to pick them up a little before 6.

I called this evening to tell the girl’s mom I wouldn’t be babysitting Thursday or Friday. We didn’t hear from Bub’s doctor today, but we should definitely hear from him tomorrow. We are going to request intravenous antibiotics if that isn’t what his doctor is already thinking.

I am finishing up laundry right now.  The kids and I are going to settle down to watch TV and wait for Quentin to get home from work.


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One Response to January 8

  1. donna says:

    Praying that all goes well with his treatment. God bless.

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