January 10 & 11

Friday was a rainy, low 40’s kind of day.

In the morning I worked on next weeks menu.

  • Meatloaf, Baked Potatoes
  • Roast, Potatoes, Carrots(did not have last week)
  • Steak, Baked Pinto Beans(these are so good)
  • Hot Gravy Sandwiches, Mashed Potatoes
  • Venison Salisbury Steak, Egg Noodles, Scalloped Potatoes
  • BBQ, Oven Fries
  • Bean Soup

I save a ton of money by not buying anything “special” to cook for lunch. We either have leftovers, sandwiches, or get creative.

Today we had oven fries and garlic cheese toast on hamburger buns that would have been thrown out otherwise.

Friday we had oven fries and garlic cheese toast on hamburger buns that would have been thrown out otherwise.

It was already 51º when I got up Saturday morning. It had rained hard all night, and the wind blew terribly. Our well was not working. It usually quits after a really hard rain. I turned the pump off and on to the well. It usually starts working again after that. I put buckets around the corners of the building to catch rain water for flushing toilets.

I dusted the whole house and swept and dry mopped the floors. I also got the rugs vacuumed.

Quentin stopped by the grocery store on his way home and did our grocery shopping.

After supper we had brownies and popcorn and watched Apollo13.



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2 Responses to January 10 & 11

  1. donna says:

    Okay, what is baked pinto beans? You know I want to try them. I also would like the salisbury steak recipe. Your lunch looks good. We try to have leftovers a lot for lunch too. Would you believe I have never watched Apollo 13? Talk to you soon.

  2. Jess says:

    What is baked pintos? Is it like baked beans? I have started using some dry (powdered milk) to supplement in things i would otherwise just use fresh milk for. I discovered this brand http://www.nestlenido.com/AllAboutNido/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductKey=85CC73CF-C410-462A-A574-4EAC0E6E5315. It is the only dry milk out there that is whole fat milk…and the kids like it ( I got it at Walmart). I need to pick your brain about saving $ on groceries ….we spend way too much !!

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