January 15

Our weather is still warm for this time of year. It doesn’t chill you to the bone to go outside. And the wind that usually cuts you in half has not been present. I like it!

In the morning we plugged along at our school work. I worked at some house work that I had been putting off.

Before lunch we finished spelling and grammar.

I made these refried beans for lunch, and they were so good. We will make them again for bean burritos. I put on a deer roast to make BBQ for supper.

001After lunch we worked on math & science. While my kids worked on math, I made a snickerdoodle coffee cake for something sweet to eat.

002Quentin got home from work around 4 and started working on our water line again. He had bought the wrong size pipe last night. We now have running water!!!!

When I took Poky out for the last time tonight there was about an inch of snow on the ground. He thought it tasted quite yummy. 🙂


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One Response to January 15

  1. donna says:

    Thanks for sharing the recipe for the refried beans. I am going to try it today with the leftover baked pinto beans (they were very good). I am not sure I have paprika though. I’m so glad you have running water!!! We have snow too-not enough though to make snow cream. We were sad about that. Talk to you soon. God bless.

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